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Monday, 3 November 2014

Sleight Of Hands - Valhalla & Huh


The Green Gorilla Lounge crew have been big movers and shakers on the San Francisco underground scene since the mid-'90s. The label born from these bay area party hustlers is now relaunching after a five year hiatus. The occasion is met by Sleight Of Hands, the rising collaboration between DJ M3 and Phil Collis. Already responsible for a prominent single on Smoke N' Mirrors, remixes for Om Records, and much more, the duo have been consistently working crowds on the club and festival circuit. It comes as no surprise that their new single for GGL has been heavily road tested as well as 'playa approved' at gigs like the Disco Knights camp at Burning Man.

Sleight Of Hands' "Valhalla" and "Huh!" are just the type of bass-y, deep house, acid fusion cuts perfect for the diverse and open-minded west coast party goers. Both tracks are playfully twisted, constantly evolving to never end up at the same place they began. "Valhalla" is a post-apocalyptic stormer. Intermingling acid currents wind their way through heavy metallic chords, punchy bass, and reverberating chants. A constant ping lets listeners know not all is lost, even amongst the swirl of alarming sounds. "Huh!" is a lighter piece, but it keeps much of the same energy, this time diffused with bold fun. Constant wavy organ stabs in a call-and-response with more determined rhythmic variations start the track off innocently enough. Soon a breakdown introduces a rumbling, sub-dependent bass groove on overdrive and, eventually, guttural acid lines. Familiar but sparingly used diva vocals lend just the right amount of attitude to the track.

Sleight Of Hands deliver a decidedly proper welcome back for the Green Gorilla Lounge label.

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