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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Ivaylo - Future Past


After many collaborative projects for his Bogota Records label, Ivaylo turns in a solo performance in the form of six originals on Future Past. A Bulgarian native based in Oslo, Ivaylo has an equally distinguishable sound. It’s lush and full of funk by way of deep house with modern disco subtleties. The EP’s tracks capture Ivaylo’s ability to interweave these different styles. Highlights include “Forgotten”, featuring a disco percussion groove and deep orchestration with a slinky bass line; “Shine”, which showcases heads-down house with an electrifying ebb and flow; and “Cellar”, chugging along with determined funkiness, even wafting through airy harp sounds. Future Past is a release sure to satisfy those who like their music blended, not merely shaken or stirred.

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