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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Shea Delany - My Little Monster

Shea Delany, who is notoriously known for his successful labels Pet Project and Friction Free, and also being one of the residents for Beta Nightclub in Denver, has finally given us the opportunity to showcase his talent on Aerotek Recordings. Furthermore, we would like to announce our newest EP, 'My Little Monster'! This EP has been a long time coming, from our humble origins as we kept striving and striving, to finally receive the recognition we are looking to deserve. This is our 28th Aerotek EP, and we are proud to say that we are still going strong, probably stronger than ever, and this is evidence of doing so. The artist just keep getting better and better and the quality keeps increasing. Shea's tone in these tracks take his usual deepness, with a more minimal approach with his two originals. My Little Monster has an infectious groove with rolling percussion and great transitioning from one scene to the next, great cutting between the vocals and breaks and keeps the flow going. Spanish Harem, then takes it a little deeper, darker and more mimimalistic with some oozing fx and creepy percussion/vocals, leading to the breakdown which provides some great elements. Very nice job from Shea in his two originals.

Then, you have these two gentlemen who don't need any introduction, as they both have made their impression felt here at Aerotek. DirtyClean, steps up to bat with his 'My Little Monster' remix and knocks it out of the park!! We feel his talent has gone leaps and bounds, and this is his best and our favorite track of his to date. That sub just bumps on a good system, and that percussion with the snare/claps, just make it a filthy groover! Dantiez on the other hand, takes a deep tech approach and we love it as well! Great elements used and amazing overall mood with his remix, keeps its moving forward and provides some some flavor in his rendition.

Thank you for a more than successful year here at Aerotek and we would like to send a BIG thank you to the artists that made this label for what it is, providing quality underground music from one artist to another, state to state, worldwide! Next year is going to be bigger and better, and when you find out what we have in store, we need to say no more, and let the music do the talking. Cheers and have yourselves a great holiday and new year, cheers from Aero!

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