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Monday, 13 July 2015

Cooks - Check Reality EP

Release Date: 3rd August 2015

Amongst Friends presents Cooks – Check Reality, this EP  is a statement of intent from a growing label and artist.  Amongst Friends have certainly set there stall out, and set it out well.  This record oozes a confidence and this is well placed, the tracks are refined and sit solid in the sound they push, not looking to wow with huge fireworks and show stopping magic tricks. There is an underlying composure to the ep with as any producer will tell you is an art form in itself. Low slung grooves, beautifully textured sonic and subtle nods to the history of this sound.

At 6 tracks this isn’t a lightweight affair either, opening up is Pit Stop a warm welcoming opener full of movement and nicely original vocal work that sways with the tracks. Early Doors follows ramping up the groove but still very connected to the feelings of the previous track, in fact the whole EP has a well-defined tone.  One way cuts through a little more with the focus becoming more on traditional deep house textures, luscious chord stabs interplay with textured percussion revealing a track for opening sets to warm and make the crowd move.  This definitely extended EP continues with 90’s buzz – a track that holds the electronic grooves steady whilst cleverly playing on a call and response’s riffs effortlessly taking the listener with it and dropping him off somewhere better.

Drop takes the ep into its highest gear with 909 hats and subtle female vocals, this track is his nod to 90’s house without ever stepping into obvious territory. Finishing up this record we have Stone a fantastically dark and quirky track that plays on a fantastic use of original and un cliché percussion, a sentiment that is echoed all the way through the versatile yet gelled record.

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