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Monday, 13 July 2015

The Disclosure Project - Radiosonde

    Ahead Of The Curve
    Gulf Breeze
    Barnard's Merope

UK deep house duo The Disclosure Project have unveiled their latest album which has the atmospherically-inclined title Radiosonde. Released on their own Disclosure Project Recordings label, the album features ten lovingly crafted songs that draw upon the pair’s shared influences across jazz, funk, ambient, downtempo, and – of course – deep house. Acclaimed releases for the likes of OneThirty, Dutchie, Plastic City, and Night Drive over the past decade have shown the breadth of Disclosure Project’s range, but this prolific output still does not prepare the listener for the lovely, diverse sounds spread throughout Radiosonde. The tunes are supported by a solid groove whilst keeping melody and harmony at the center stage of the production, making for a cerebral yet moving sonic experience. Highlights such as “Antumbra” and the title cut show off The Disclosure Project’s affinity for lush, US-influenced deep house vibes while stunning downtempo efforts like “Ahead Of The Curve” and the particularly chill “Barnard’s Merope” expose the duo’s knack for gorgeous musicality. Throughout touches of The Disclosure Project’s jazz and cinematic influences are apparent, helping to create an album that is a cut above the rest. Radiosonde is a beautiful and classy journey into modern electronic music … an excursion not to be missed.

A limited edition CD version of the album is available at The Disclosure Project Store.

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