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Monday, 23 November 2015

Faded & Trippy Soul - Far Away

Matusoiu Alexandru aka Trippy Soul discovered his passion for music at a early age. He is collaborating with labels like Waldliebe Familien, Quanticman Records, Trin Records, Note Records, Sakadat Records, Padma Music, Arupa Music & his tracks were remixed by artists like Lumieux, Horatio, Behrouz and many others. In 2014 he released his first track on vinyl with his friend Cyber Soul Unit at Sakadat Recors and in 2015 he also was on Quanticman Records Twisted Dubs vinyl with a remix from Tulbure.
For the love of electronic music and underground side, Trippy Soul story will move forward. Faded, grown up exploring and researching new shapes in music genres like Dub Techno & Click-House. 
He began dj'ing at the start of 2008 when minimal was at his sunset and tech house was the queen of club's.
In a city oppressed by a stagnant and old musical style, Faded. helped battle to change the old rules and break old habits, breathing fresh life into a dispirited club scene.

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