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Monday, 23 November 2015

Latona - The Mystic EP

With their first release on Emerald & Doreen, Latona are culminating a year’s work into a contemporary beat driven deep house cocktail. Here Latona write with emphasis on the emotional, focusing on colour, melody and harmony and are adding a spoonful of enigma. With the Mystic EP, the house and techno act from London with a shared love for Jungle, Rave, House and Hip-ho , has cultivated a uniquely personal sound that draws from the past and looks to the future. Emerald & Doreen’s favorite track of the release, „Talisman“, exquisitely showcases all of Latona’s talent. Drawing inspiration from Detroit Techno through to Avant-garde classical, with a keen sense for melody, the track has everything to become a classic house tune. Staying true with our credo that any true masterpiece should be celebrated with an equally formidable selection of remixes, we asked Hot Shakes!, Dalo & Mattzid to deliver their interpretations of the track and the outcome is truly stunning. What Latona presents in contemporary house, Fehmi Baumbach presents for contemporary German art. The Berlin artist an good friend of the label managed to capture the atmosphere of the tracks in her surreal, slightly eery cover artwork.

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