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Monday, 28 December 2015

Romeo D'arret - Capricho

Release Date: 2015-12-22

Monza Ibiza Records has decided to close this year with one of the most currently linked artist to MIR and with more projection in the island, Ibiza.

Romeo D'arret presents us “Capricho". Original cut and two remixes by Javi Colors and Joshua Puerta.

Hypnotic groove where various effects, melodic lines and a well worked voice make the original mix versatile and really effective on the floor. Sound trip from start to finish.

Javi Colors is in charge of the first remixs. Tech-house groove, funky bass, various effects which bring the depth touch to the track in various parts and a massive break. As good as it gets.

The second remix and last cut comes from the hand of Joshua Puerta. After released on labels like Deeperfect and soon on Terminal M, Joshua offers us a dancefloor / funny version. Like the other two tunes, the vocal and some effects, take an important role during the development of track generating a perfect progression.

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