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Monday, 28 December 2015

Tome R, Juri Paik & Hervie - 4th Floor Pie

Release Feb. 1, 2016

Everything happens for a reason on the fourth floor, where it occurs original track, imbued with groovy techouse and minimal sounds by three guys Tome R, Juri Paik and Hervie. Remixers are well knowed in the world of underground and they are Toni Rios and Patrick De Ville. Toni is honored to make one of remixes, says it was a great pleasure to him and his studio partner Andre Walter to conjure up these deep techie rmx for his Croatian friends. Don’t miss this techouse banger! Coming along with another cool remix project to Patrick De Ville. Heard and broken down the original into the items, added with new bass, drumlines and an smoothy synth, his techhousy interpretation of being lost on the fourth floor will be felt ….. A pie? A cake? A piece? A floor? …. The 4th? Did they mean the track? All these questions will probably remain unanswered and so the remixer is still lost on the 4th floor. 

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