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Monday, 20 February 2017

Josh Gregg, Wheats, Marck Jamz - Drum Machine EP

We are really excited to welcome Wheats back to Daylight Robbery after previously making waves on DRR015. This time he joins forces with Josh Gregg & Marck Jamz to deliver 'Drum Machine' EP. With releases on a diverse range of labels including Toolroom, Cajual, Resonance Records, Go Deeva, Freakin909 and Amplified Records among others, these guys are making big waves. 'Drum Machine' is a medley of punchy drums and heavy bassline that blend with Marck's vocals to lead you through the night. Energetic jackin' groove and vocal snippets will definitely keep you lock into a 'Special' groove.

Having released on the likes of D-Vine Sounds, Safe Music, King Street Sounds and more, CASSIMM makes his debut to the label with his remix of 'Drum Machine'. With his bright drum kit, fat snares and groovy bassline, he created a truly vibrant feel to the title track.

Another debut to DRR, after previously releasing on Simma Black, Loulou Records, Recovery House and more, it is time for Animist to bring his sound to the label, and it's with a great excitement to have him on board. Putting his signature to 'Special' with dreamy chords and synths his transformed it to a late night groover.

We are really pleased to welcome Benjamin Buttons & D Lysio to the label too. The duo joined forces remixing 'Drum Machine'. They combined Marck Jamz vocals with bright synths and chords taking the title track to even more deeper paths.

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