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Monday, 20 February 2017

LØVØ - Epsilon EP

Release Date : 01/2017

Argentina has always held a propensity for the more discerning and sophisticated side of electronic music. The most recent wave of producers to emerge from the country is no different in that regard either, with the likes of LØVØ's from Mendoza city. With his first EP composed of 3 originals house music tracks, LØVØ shows his fresh and groovy universe. Hermine's label is supported by the most importants artists of this current electronics scene like ; JP Chronic, Ilario Alicante, Marco Carola, jef k, Joseph Capriati, POPOF, Jog, Jorge Savoretti, Jay West, Barem, Alexis Cabrera, Mihai popoviciu, Andrew Grant.

Mastering by Wally Stryk 
Copyright © Hermine Records 2011-2017
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