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Monday, 20 March 2017

Processing Vessel - With You

We’re so excited to present this massive release from Processing Vessel with amazing remixes from Allan Zax, Jero Nouges, Zaven, Phasen and Deepbreath!

The Original track 'With You' is a decidedly delicate and emotional track featuring beautiful vocals and lush chords sprinkled throughout.

The first remix comes from ZaVen, which has a very unique beat and bassline, creating a playful and eccentric vibe. Decidedly deep, yet more upbeat than the original.

The Jero Nougues Remix is a more driving track building on a bouncy bassline, luscious synths and larger than life reverb vocals.

Phasen chimes in with a dubbier, darker and deeper remix. His melodic tendencies and dark sound effects all combine to create a very atmospheric and moody remix.

The Deepbreath remix by contrast is a lighter and more upbeat version of the original, perfect for sunset mixes. Well placed percussion hits, strings and warm chords create a delightful remix.

Last but certainly not least, the Allan Zax remix has a more progressive vibe, with a driving bassline sure to life the spirit on the dance-floor. He introduces an addictive melody halfway through the track to create an almost perfect remix.

All in all we are sure that this super release will have something for everyone!

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