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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

This Week's New Entries

Rhymos - Hi Sparrow EP (Whistleblower Records)

01. Hi Sparrow
02. Agent Provocateur
03. Agent Provocateur (Ben Rau Remix)

Focused towards House and Deep Techno, Whistleblower is a label founded by three music producing friends; Alan Fitzpatrick (Drumcode/Hotflush), Reset Robot (Truesoul/Cocoon) and Rhymos (Rumors/Murmur), whose roots lie in the close-knit electronic music scenes of Southampton and Portsmouth on the UK’s South Coast.

The last Whistleblower was from Alan Fitzpatrick and Reset Robot who joined forces under their Customer alias, and it picked up support across the board from everyone ranging from Pan-Pot and Adam Beyer to K├Âlsch and Scuba.

The labels latest offering is a new EP from Rhymos, who in the words of DJ Mag (UK) “isn’t just another purveyor of greyscale Tech House by numbers...” which is backed up by his impressive back catalogue including the likes of Guy Gerber's label Rumors, Murmur, Kina Music, Sintope, Overall Music and DJ W!LD's label Catwash.

Complimenting Rhymos’ originals is a remix from German stalwart Ben Rau, who has made seminal releases on labels including Save You Records, Luna Records, Fuse London and his own Inkal Music.

First on the release is “Hi Sparrow” which has a rolling groove created by locomotive style percussion. Airy pads give the track a floating atmosphere, and the bassline rich with acid modulations adds a thud to the bottom end. Finished with a blend of ambient textures to create a dystopian soundscape, this is everything you could want from electronic music with a dancefloor focus.

Track two titled “Agent Provocateur” has lightly sequenced tribal percussion layered under mechanical hi-hats. Deep and understated, the track has a shimmering finish with fluid synths that ripple like water. Filled with the warmth of dusty pads, as things develop a breakbeat drum loop is also introduced with dramatic effect.

Finishing the release is Ben Rau who centres his remix of “Agent Provocateur” round the tribal drums taken from the original, making them the most prominent part of the track. Thick and chunky with the addition of a subtle vocal sample, this streamlined rework provides a tougher version with a loopy groove that's perfect for dark rooms and big sound systems.


Rishi K - Kung Fu Disco

Next up is a release from Sonic Soul label boss Rishi K.

His original track 'Kung Fu Disco' is a psychedelic inspired deep house track with progressive elements. It was a track that came together very easily and flowed into existence.
Embodying a solid groove with outer space vibes, this track is typical of Rishi's influences. Alternating basslines, psychedelic keys, pads and catchy deep vocals, this
is a unique treat into the inner and outer world of space funk.

Moe Turk chimes in with the first remix of this track. Known for his quality releases on such labels as Ready Mix Records, Tenor and many more. His remix is decidedly deeper
than the original with a driving groove typical of his style. Perfect for those deeper sets, this track oozes quality and not one to be missed.

The final remix is from Paul2Paul and is great final track for this release. It remains psychedelic deep house at it's heart, and adds some beautiful pads that create
a huge ambience. It is catchy and unique while staying true to the original vibe of the original track.


Emery Warman - People Keep On EP (Cellaa Music)

Cellaa Music welcome London based artist Emery Warman to the family with his "People Keep On EP". After amazing releases on Viva Limited, Nonstop, Zoo Lab, Natural Rhythm and his own Noexcuse Records, Emery steps up to the plate with three fresh dancefloor killers that are set to take the world by storm. Here he blend warm house flavours with sharp techno beats among a booming bass line and whipping hi hats and of course lots of hidden elements which are connecting at so many points to everyone‘s being, it‘s for sure that you have to take this trip through sound - better now than later. 
 Jesus Soblechero living out his very own and unique way of a strong minimal and groovy presence combined with gently floating atmospheres in his interpretation of "Chicago".


VA - ADE 2017 Sampler

Release Date: 
October 16th 2017 (Beatport Exclusive) 
October 30th 2017 (Worldwide)

It's that time of year again where the who's who of the Music Industry flock to The Netherlands to meet, greet, promote, party, market, perform and showcase their Dansmuziek. From global agencies to record labels, international producers to DJ's, club promoters to distributors and everyone in between will be present at the world renowned Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2017. 

For this special occasion, we've gathered a bunch of top notch producers from around the world to deliver our yearly special ADE Sampler. This year, we welcome Hungary's Indio, Serbia's Dejan Mladenovic, Romania's Adrian Precope, Holland's Daniel Testas and Lebanon's Tony Schwery and M-Kay. 

From mild melodies to deep grooves to the tougher tech house beats and dancefloor vibes, our ADE 2017 Sampler has something for everyone. 


Zone+ & Usif - Laya (Wind Horse Records)

Helmed by Hamza, New Delhi’s Wind Horse Records returns with “Laya,” a collaboration between Zone+ & Usif from Bahrain (the biggest House Music export from the Middle East). Following separate releases on Day I Dream, Underyourskin Records, and Sol Selectas, Zone+ & Usif collaborated on releases for Akumandra/Underyourskin and Talavera Records before collaborating on “Laya”

“Laya” is another in the impressive Wind Horse roster seamlessly melding house music rhythms, traditional instrumentation from Indian and other world music in superlative production standards. The title track is a meandering jaunt through lush soundscapes, deep grooves, percussive and hypnotic house. Haunting flute, keys, and pads weave contemplative strains throughout. “Aria” is a slappy late-night affair with driving bass sounding sonar depths and building slowly with unexpected vocals and polyrhythmic treatments, mounting new surprise midway through the nearly 10-minute opus. Give “Laya” a spin, and be prepared for transport to a globe-spanning ride suited to dancefloors everywhere. 

Label and Artist Links:

Dubphone & Gabriel Sordo - Angels EP

Gabriel Sordo and Dubphone join forces to create a two-track original release, Angels EP. With each artist in his element, Romanian/Mexican partnership create a beautifully light tone to the title track, keeping the percussion airy and the production down to the bare essentials. Despite, or perhaps thanks to the light atmosphere, the track still steers its way into deep waters and delivers a solid groove to keep the crowd churning. Next they drop the needle on the other side of the spectrum, where ‘Angels’ went soft, ‘Owl Over Again’ hits harder. A driving percussion fuels a darker and more mysterious ambience as the drones continue and the floor begins to sweat. Heating things up consistently with diverse surprises that repeatedly bring the energy from a simmer to a boil and back, ‘Owl Over Again’ takes control and isn’t afraid to be subtle where it counts to achieve a certain magic and hold it.









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